September 26, 2007

Alrightalrightalrightalrightalrighalright heynowheynowheynow Ladies!

What is it about one song that can make your heart feel right?
Not just "alright" but right...
As in in perfect harmony with everything around you.
That is what Hey Ya by outcast does for me...
just kidding, but sometimes....
No really. Harmony. From a song.
Lead Me to the Cross by Hillsong United.
Leads me to beauty.

I am at work, duh. I got a lovely text message today. In that moment that I read it I was so absolutely enthralled with excitement and awe at the beautifulness of life...
and then the girl that calls me wanda walked up and ruined it by calling me wanda.
why, Lord?
why am I plagued by people that cannot say their V's?

I started looking for somewhere to join a Gym today. I just need that energy back that one gets from excercising...or is itexercising? Whatev. I need the extra energy to stay up an hour later to do my ridiculous amount of accounting homework. Why are gym memberships so expensive? I mean, if the government or whoever were really concerned about this country's fatness, they would open up cheap gyms. Geez. Maybe I'll just walk around one of the hundred ponds at DBU.

Man, I have a lot to say today. Maybe it's because I have just been sitting here doing nothing for 30 minutes. I mean really. I feel like if my boss had a clue, he would fire me to save the extra 200 bones a week.