September 2, 2008

The Day the World Stood Still...Then Celebrated

So, I decided to not return to my job that is not really a job. It's pretty awesome to think that after two and a half years of really not working, I won't be working least not there. I am currently on the hunt. I hate new jobs. I wish that I could just find one where I didn't have to really learn anything. I also would love to just hang out all day and talk to people. I got some god advice from a friend today. With her advice I think I can hit 50% of my goals. I am going to apply at Starbucks. I know that it will be a heck of a lot to learn, but at least it's coffee...I like coffee. And working there would mean I would get free coffee. We'll see.
So where does that leave me, I wonder...should I change the name of my blog? Or just the tag line? Who knows?