October 4, 2007

The Coveted Birthday Lunch

So. It's October. Which means that it is totally my birth month. More than money from grandparents, even more than the "suprize" gift my dad got me (which he always hides in the same visible place), I am excited about my birthday lunch at work. Counting me, there are 4 white people that work at my office and all the rest are born and raised Mexicans/El Salvadorians who can cook Rachael Ray out of her own kitchen.
The Birthday lunch is a buffet of whatever the ladies decide to cook and bring. It can range from hot dogs to fajitas or pizza to tamales. It is so good. The hour befor lunch starts, the ladies bring their dishes in from the refridgerators to be heated in the office which creates a most delightful aroma of goodness around my desk, which is situated outside of both breakroom and kitchen.

I am not sure when they will decide to have the October birthday lunch, but that day is what I am waiting for.

And, on a different note, My boss said that I could leave early from work tomorrow...YES!

October 3, 2007

The Awkward Rug Guy

This morning was great for me. I only woke up a little bit late and still had time to shower. Booh-yah! I fixed a healthy lunch with some yogurt I stole from my roomate and a sandwich with no miracle whip, thank you very much. So, when I walked out to hop in my vehicle, it had just rained and was so cloudy (part of the reason I woke up late).
So. There is a guy who comes to change out our rugs. And he is awkward...awkwardly cute. So he comes in every wednesday with his big rug cart and rolls up the rugs in front of the front door and then the break room and finally he get's to the rug in front of my desk. Then he hands me the thing to sign. Here is where the awkwardness is.
It never fails that one of us says something so dumb. Like for instance, today, I said, "So is it raining out there?" and he kinda turned to the window and looked out, then back at me.
"it's actually pretty sunny." I looked out the window,and there really is not even a cloud in sight.
"Oh. Right." I replied. And just as sure as the sun was shining, my face turned so red it looked a little purple.