August 22, 2009

I'm Becoming What I Make Fun Of

Yeah, Amanda. I capitalized "of" in the title.

So, you know how you can make fun of something so much and then you realize that you actually like the ridiculous thing? Story of my life for the past few days.

1. I am not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. I used to make fun of my roommates for watching Hannah Montana and I make fun of my sister for watching her show and liking it even though she watches it because she has a 6 year old daughter. So, I was driving home from my sister's house earlier this morning and Miley's new song titled "Party in the USA" came on and I REALLY LIKE IT!

2. All summer long, my teammate named Chris tweeted and twitted or whatever you call it and all summer long I made fun of him and the networking site which is "just another way to stalk other people..." Well...I joined. And within four days, I had a famous person REPLY TO ONE OF MY TWEETS!

3. Jake Kelley...all around sucker for reality shows. After all he got me hooked on things such as American Idol, RW vs. RR challenges, and now...So You Think You Can Dance...

I am a slave.

August 19, 2009

This One is for Jenny

Jenny Campbell. You are pregnant and I told you I would blog for you, so this is me blogging for you and not incurring the wrath of a prego lady.

So, the last time we met I was in a mini-term in's not January anymore...

Whoops. I am about to start my second to last semester of college, which you may remember me saying last semester. That's right folks. I am a living, breathing version of the movie Groundhog Day. Only instead of waking up to the same day over and over, every August I wake up to my senior year of college. Somebody end me. Maybe I need to fall in love with Bill Murray...who knows?

January 12, 2009

Mini-Term Numero Deux

So, I'm taking another miniterm this week. Another one. This one is Old Testament Survey. My Teacher sounds like a Jamaican Lawrence Fishburne. He is very passionate about the Word, which makes it awesome when he reads scripture, but alot of it isn't scripture. I really want to be into this class, but it's so boring. Every once in a while, my teacher will point out little pictures of the Gosple in the passages we're reading, and that's really sweet. I did find out a sweet gem of information...I have to write a paper for this class about one of the major prophets, only don't really because I ALREADY DID for another class...I love my life right now!

Have I told you about my new friend? I totally made a new friend at the end of last semester. She's way cool and she does her own design stuff like invitations, cookies and cakes(whaa?), paper mache dummies so that you can pretend to be in class...

January 7, 2009

My Miniterm Teacher Loves Me

So, I really don't ever pay attention in this class...I'm either on facebook or gmail chatting with Jake. But for some stinkin' reason, every so often the teacher will ask a detailed question to the class and I totally know the answer! Then I call it our and the teacher gets soooo excited. It's so weird. It's like those people who fall asleep to a song and the next day the know all the words...only I'm sitting in class not listening. I should have figured this out a LONG time ago.

Can we talk about how tired I am? The answer is no. The answer is no because every time I think that thought, "I am so tired," I think of that bible study I did and Mander's house and hear Beth Moore yell at me for always being tired. I think that the Lord, while sweeping his eyes over the righteous today, saw me and thought, "whoa. she needs a nap." and so in all God's sovereignty and mercy has orchestrated a way for that to happen. I'm getting out of my class three hours early today! So, I will go home, take an hour nap, then go to work until 9:30, then come home and do homework. Sounds like a great day to me!

Hey, I need a favor. Somebody, teach me how to flirt.

January 6, 2009

Whoops...I Didn't Mean to Take So Long

Amanda Jones: Does the "so" in the title need to be un-capitalized? I'm never really sure how that rule works for words other than "and" or "but".

So, I am definitely taking a miniterm this week. A miniterm can be defined as a week long class from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday in which you earn 3 full credit hours and a sense of stability if you can make it through the entire thing without jumping out the window. Miniterms are so awesome because it takes classes that would make you want to quit college over a semester and compacts them in to classes that make you want to quit college in a week...which really, is better for me, because the less time I have to think about that, the better. Just in case you may be wondering, I now only have two more semesters until I graduate...TWO MORE! When I think about it for too long, I have a tendancy to either start drooling or singing, so I will change the subject now.

My class is pretty boring, but the teacher gets really excited about the material, so it's fun to watch her. There is a guy in this class who is actually majoring in the subject and so everytime the teacher asks a question, he literally YELLS out the if he's not sitting on the front row, right infront of the lady. Good grief, why don't you just ask her out or something. Also, I'm pretty sure that the guy behind me is chatting on facebook because I keep hearing the incoming message sound...and he has bad breath.

I got a new job. I love it. Well, I love the people that I work with and I don't hate it, so I like my job. I work at Best Buy. I work in the media department specializing in mp3 players and gaming consoles. Ask me anything about a PS3 or a zune and I probably know the answer. I love that part...I feel so educated. So, if you need any advice on anything like that, just ask.

One last nugget of gold for some of you: for those of you who know my aunt Kim, my teacher is her doppleganger.