April 29, 2008

Just Call Me MacGyver

So, I am a stinkin' genius...OK, not really, but sometimes I impress myself. Let me first star out by saying that I usually do not blog on Tuesdays, but yesterday I had a bunch to do and didn't have a chance to share this with you. I am actually in my Marketing class right now...I bet my teacher thinks I am totally typing her every word. Her last name is McNutt, so I think she likes me. Anyway, yesterday I went to sonic to get an ice-cold Dr. Pepper to go with my sandwich and homemade guacamole I brought for lunch that day...don't judge me, but I also ended up getting cheddar-peppers too...DANG! Well, I bought an episode of Family guy off of iTunes and thought it to be a great idea to watch it on my iPod while I ate. The only problem was that I couldn't hold it while I ate. God didn't bless me with enough hands for this... Automatically the MacGyver in me came out. I started to look around me for any kind of material that would allow me to mount my iPod on my steering wheel. Luckily I had a hairband and a screw driver. I took the hairband and strapped it to the steering wheel and used the screw driver as a pin to hold the iPod in place... A PERFECT mounting place for me to watch my favorite television shows from my iPod as I eat my lunch. I was so proud of myself.