January 30, 2008

Office Olympics

So, I have been sitting here for about 45 minutes trying to think of a game to play. I briefly thought of trash can basketball, but I would be found out too easy. Then I got a rubber band and tried shooting wall tacks fast enough to stick in the wall...so far: unsuccessful.

I was originally thinking of those awesome ESPN commercials from a couple years ago where they showed office people playing a game called shelf ball. Then end said something like life is more fun when there is competition involved. True dat ESPN...true dat.

On a side note that has nothing to do with games, the new office lady that Bossman hired smells like potpourri...but not the good kind. The cheap kind that just mixes with the smell of soup or poop, depending on whether you put it in the bathroom or the kitchen area.

January 28, 2008

Alright Already!

So, let me tell you why not to ever work part time...ever. I have been here at this company for two years. That is at least one year longer than every assistant in this office except one who might have started the day before me. So I've got some seniority here. I'm pretty much a big deal. I got back from vacation in the middle of last week and was not so pleased to find out that I now have the last lunch of all four lunch breaks that we four assistants take. What does a girl have to do to not get the crap end of the stick around here?

What ever. I'm over it.

Funny Story: Ownerman, you know, the one who looks like Frankenstein, he loves sending those forwards that say something like "forward this to seven people and you will add seven years to your life!" or my personal favorite, "if you really love God, you'll forward this to everyone in your inbox..." Well, I took it upon myself and my free time to make up a forward. I threw something in there about soldiers and stuck a picture in it of a soldier praying. Then I forwarded it to every email account I had and back and forth to get the forward look on it. Then it was time to forward it to Ownerman. I put this on the bottom: "If you would like to save the lives of soldiers in Iraq, forward this to ten people. If you would like to stop the war in Iraq, forward this to 15 people. If you would like peace on Earth, forward this to 20 people."

Guess how many he forwarded it to...including back to me...