April 2, 2008


So, I swear to you that every time I walk into the warehouse to make a personal call behind some pallets, the same Tejano song is playing. Now, don't get me wrong, I actually in a twisted way enjoy Tejano music. What's not to love? The same repetitive bass line, the soothing sounds of the accordion, and let's not kid ourselves, who doesn't appreciate the glorious sound of the tuba? Anyway, I think the girls out there have a CD on repeat.

Something in the kitchen of this office smells moldigated. Moldigated is an adjective of mold that I just made up. Use it. It reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) telling the world she was pregnated...the word reminds me of that...not the smell.

So, something is moldy. I can't decide if I want to start an inner office poll* to see how long it will last until the three people who use that kitchen notice and dispose of the moldigated piece of whatever, or if I want to try and find out what it is for myself.

*Please note that by inner office poll, I mean a bet with myself, because no one here would want to play such an awesomely fun game.

March 31, 2008

Scooters, Vacation, Fall

I would first like to address my blog and say that I am sorry for taking so long to post...I cheated on you with facebook. But Of course, I am back and here to once again declare my love for you and you alone. Blog. Blog, don't make that face...you know I mean it. I just have this weakness for photo albums...you I'm crazy about you, there's no use denyin'...no use even tryin'... Yes, Blog, those words came from my heart...just don't Google them later.

Ok, now that that's taken care of...

So, Friday was annual evaluation time which means that every employee makes the walk of death to Bossman's office to have a review of his or her work efforts for the past year with the Bossman and Ownerman. It never fails that once I walk in for my review I can literally feel the cold of death creep all over me...this can either be attributed to the actual temperature of the room set at a frosty 64 degrees or to the loss of blood circulation in my hands and face. It is a good thing that this cold feeling only lasts for approximately 9 seconds because once I sat in the hot seat, it is like every air conditioner IN THE WORLD shuts off and only emits sun-like heat. Then all of the blood in my body rushes to my face and depending on the humidity in the air, my glasses begin to fog up. Then the review begins...which never ends up being bad. And not even because I am great but because I have the sweetest bosses ever. And of course, I shouldn't have anything to worry about going into a review, because there is no part of my job that a monkey couldn't do.

On a completely separate and totally unrelated note, I got stung by a wasp this weekend...it was either a wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket. Which ever one of those three that stings the worst, that is the one that stung me. I am still traumatized by this. It landed on the collar of my shirt and stung me on the neck. Once it stung me it felt as though there were at least ten all up and down my back stinging me simultaneously. I ran to the bedroom and in one sweeping motion I whipped my shirt over my head, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it. It was awful.