November 15, 2007


Today I told my boss that I didn't actually know how to do one of the jobs he always assigns me at the beginning (now middle) of the month. He asked how I had been doing it in the past and I said that I was just doing something that looked right hoping he wouldn't run into any problems with my numbers. He just kinda shook his head and said that I was starting to remind him of himself. And then he went on to lecture me about enjoying my youth while I had the chance by taking off and traveling and doing good on my school work.

Then I asked if I could have a week off in December.
He knew he had dug himself in a hole.
He said yes.

November 14, 2007

The Name Game

So, my new favorite game to play with my co-workers is called the name game. The fun thing about this game is that I am actually the only one aware that we are playing a game. It's great.
There is a good chunk of my day that I am trapped into answering the phones while the usual receptionist and the back up receptionist are out in the warehouse talking bad about people in Spanish so that the English speaking folk can't understand what the junk they are talking about. This is where the game begins.
All sorts of people call for random people here. They call and say, "this is so-and-so with this-and-that may I speak with whats-her-name?" And I'll page whats-her-name and say, "whats-her-name, you have so-and-so on line 2."
For me to properly explain my fun, I'll use what I did today as an example.

Ring Ring
"Thank you for calling Trakk, this is Vonda."
"Hi, Linda," and that's usually where I daydream about strangling myself (or the caller), "could I speak with Bossman please?"
"Actually, Bossman is out to lunch at the moment, may I take a message?"
"Yeah, This is Pamela with HP. Could you have him call me back?"
"Sure thing Pamela."

Then I write on a sticky note:

Terry, Emily from HP called.
Please call her back ASAP.

Now I wait.

About an hour or so later I hear bossman on the phone:

"Ok, well I have a message right here from an Emily. Are you sure there is no Emily who works there? Ok, well how about you just make an announcement that Bossman from Trakk is on the phone and wants to know who called him."

Ten minutes later Bossman walks around the corner and says, "It's Pamela. Not Emily."

November 12, 2007


I wasn't on vacation this last month...I just have been a little busy. And by busy I mean I have found a new hobby at work. I was walking through the warehouse and something magnificant caught the corner of my eye. it was the remnants of a wrapping tube. Now, a wrapping tube is a ginormous tube of thick saran wrap that the warehouse workers use to wrap pallets. The cardboard tube is a little bit longer than the measurement from my finger tips to my elbow and if fits around my the diameter is big. Good grief. I just got bored explaining that, so, sorry about that.


I picked that up and decided to make it art. I grabbed it and my three highlighters and started coloring it. All of my free time has gone in to coloring this tube. It's pretty hideous. So, I am a little disappointed. That's why I am back here. I gave up on the tube.