January 12, 2009

Mini-Term Numero Deux

So, I'm taking another miniterm this week. Another one. This one is Old Testament Survey. My Teacher sounds like a Jamaican Lawrence Fishburne. He is very passionate about the Word, which makes it awesome when he reads scripture, but alot of it isn't scripture. I really want to be into this class, but it's so boring. Every once in a while, my teacher will point out little pictures of the Gosple in the passages we're reading, and that's really sweet. I did find out a sweet gem of information...I have to write a paper for this class about one of the major prophets, only don't really because I ALREADY DID for another class...I love my life right now!

Have I told you about my new friend? I totally made a new friend at the end of last semester. She's way cool and she does her own design stuff like invitations, cookies and cakes(whaa?), paper mache dummies so that you can pretend to be in class...

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Julie and Alberto Robles said...

I'm telling Prof. Fishburne about your dubious Prophet paper. Tsk, tsk!