January 7, 2009

My Miniterm Teacher Loves Me

So, I really don't ever pay attention in this class...I'm either on facebook or gmail chatting with Jake. But for some stinkin' reason, every so often the teacher will ask a detailed question to the class and I totally know the answer! Then I call it our and the teacher gets soooo excited. It's so weird. It's like those people who fall asleep to a song and the next day the know all the words...only I'm sitting in class not listening. I should have figured this out a LONG time ago.

Can we talk about how tired I am? The answer is no. The answer is no because every time I think that thought, "I am so tired," I think of that bible study I did and Mander's house and hear Beth Moore yell at me for always being tired. I think that the Lord, while sweeping his eyes over the righteous today, saw me and thought, "whoa. she needs a nap." and so in all God's sovereignty and mercy has orchestrated a way for that to happen. I'm getting out of my class three hours early today! So, I will go home, take an hour nap, then go to work until 9:30, then come home and do homework. Sounds like a great day to me!

Hey, I need a favor. Somebody, teach me how to flirt.


Amanda said...

Who are you wanting to flirt with? I think with your good sense of humor you probably already know how anyways!

Team Oetgen said...

Jojo, I think back to our breakfast and your possible interest. At any rate, I have no good history with flirting, nor would I try to hamper your good efforts with any of my best bits of advice. All that to say, my sister, is an expert. You should give her a call. Lastly, you're hilarious, pretty, have great hair (curly is awesome!), love Jesus, and always brighten my day, so a guy would be a putz not to be totally impressed with you! I can't wait to hear possible flirting updates.... :)! You're the best!